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The CALL FOR DOSSIER project has been launched in spring 2006 by the Documentary Archive and Digital Memory Department of the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest, Romania. The project’s main purpose consists of updating and developing the documentary resources with materials regarding the artistic production of young Romanian visual artists.

The artists documented through the CALL FOR DOSSIER project are selected according to their exhibiting activity from the private galleries/spaces in Bucharest, from web applications dedicated to the promotion of artistic platforms or on-line exhibitions, and from catalogues of contemporary art exhibitions edited in the last couple of years. The limit of max. 36 years for the artistsí age has been taken into consideration in the conceptual definition of the CALL FOR DOSSIER project.
In time, the documentation on artists who do not fulfill this criterion, is transferred into the database of MNAC, this one having as main goal an easy access to information on contemporary Romanian artists, from the broadest point of view of every one’s artistic personality.

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