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The CALL FOR DOSSIER project has been launched in the spring of 2006 by the Documentary Archive and Digital Memory Department of the National Museum of Contemporary Art. The project’s main purpose consists of updating and developing the documentary resources with recent materials regarding contemporary visual arts in Romania.

The artists documented through the CALL FOR DOSSIER project are selected according to their exhibiting activity from the private galleries/spaces in Bucharest, from web applications dedicated to the promotion of artistic platforms or on-line exhibitions, and from catalogues of contemporary art exhibitions edited in the last couple of years. The limit of max. 36 years for the artistsí age has been taken into consideration in the conceptual definition of the CALL FOR DOSSIER project.
In time, the documentation on artists who do not fulfill this criterion, is transferred into the database of MNAC, this one having as main goal an easy access to information on contemporary Romanian artists, from the broadest point of view of every one’s artistic personality.

The concrete result of the project is a monographic archive documenting artistic and exhibition activities, each of the artist’s file containing CDs, DVDs, video tapes, artists/art groups CVs, exhibition catalogues, posters, invitations, leaflets, press articles, other printed materials. The archive develops as the selected artists confirm their participation in the project, by bringing a personal selection of materials considered representative for their artistic and exhibiting activity up to that moment, and by collaborating to the efforts of organizing digital information. The number of works/projects described, the artists’ responsibility for their selection, together with the age criterion, are parts of the project concept.

The pilot version of the project is a web application in Romanian and English, intended to promote our approach and to stir the interest of artists towards it. The application documents the first series of artists, who went through the first stages of the project up to the present digital version. The application will develop both by the completing/up-dating information on the artists already included in the project, and by documenting on others, who will be added later.

The users of this systematic information are the specialists inside the MNAC, as well as the public of diverse categories, the project’s purpose being exclusively one of information, study and research.

The content, structure and design of the web application are protected by copyright. Any form of reproduction or copy of the content and illustrated materials can be done only with the explicit agreement of the application’s operator and of the owners of intellectual property, according to the Copyright Law no.8/1996, with its later changes.