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Marius Bercea
Artist’s Profile (auto–references)

“A new day, another morning after” represents a type of an impersonal autobiography that characterizes the latest personal projects. I assume, thus, the role of the observer and chronicler of the commonplace, using a compositional formula of figurative type. My subject is the street nothingness, the boring everyday, the meaningless. The characters that inhabit these compositions are not some heroes who pursue a narrative thread and they do not even have a social identity, apparently; the only clue is offered by few accessories, types of locations where these characters are manifesting themselves, which is placing them clearly into a type of consumerist area of the society they belong to. They are implied into some actions, but they do not offer too many clues regarding the type of action to which they take part of. Any insignificant event can become influential when there is detachment, a sense of humor, even black humor towards this.