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Ana Maria Micu
Artist’s Profile (auto–references)

I have a keen interest in how people’s physical appearance influences their state of mind and, in my opinion, women deal with this delicate issue more resourcefully and more self consciously than men. In my paintings, I arrange hypothetical situations related to the theme of the female portrait. I am trying to find out what means to be a woman, what is particular and what is universal about me, which are the ways I could choose to look like and how each of them would relate to my personality. Each of my projects starts with collecting photographs, followed by a selection process. In the end, by meticulously painting my favorite images I finally understand them completely and the intuitive reason why I liked them in the first place becomes logical and transparent. My latest project is called “Bloom”. It is a simulation of how I would look like if I would have flowers implants on my body and face. The implant should be realized by cutting the skin, introducing the stalks underneath, sewing the wound back together and, by healing, producing new symbiotic organisms. I found a sad, sensitive, intimate angle of this subject and my works are about a woman that longs for a special kind of beauty which eventually she finds. I intend to follow the extensions of the feminine portrait until I shall reach the point of maximum depiction of bewilderment, leaving the viewers to decide how much sensuality, fetishism, melancholy, glamour or cult aura is to be found in these pictures. Art is for me a quest for dignity and, in the same time, a way to stay focused and to deeply acknowledge the moments when The Ideal reveals itself.