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Cătălin Petrişor
Artist’s Profile (auto–references)

I see painting as a spectacular method to promote and authenticate images.
My option for painting and for the technique I use became obvious to me after searching for a style which I knew from the beginning that should involve extensive manipulative possibilities regarding depiction.
I have noticed that, by mastering painting, it is possible to depict absolutely anything, without the technical limits that you would have to consider in other media.
Besides, any transformation you would apply on a photograph, the best way to hide the “tricks” is by painting the retouched image, and display only this final stage of elaboration.
As I see it, painting gives credibility to unnatural images and I need to exploit this, as my art is basically about images from another world.
The subject of each painting is very important to me and I deliberately choose it in order to express alienation and familiarity in the same time. My attempt is to reveal the power of seduction of pictures with ambiguous and multiple interpretations.
I consider my images unresolved stories of an intuitive parallel world. I construct scenarios at the border between real and surreal and I am interested in situations that could pass like intrusions of the unusual in the logic of an otherwise ordinary moment.
My intervention in art originates from a sub cultural attitude. Most of my themes are classics: the representation of the divine, the metamorphosis, the mystic space and the mystic experience, but I don’t exclusively rely on the history of art and philosophy and on the imagistic of myths and modern religions. Due to the music that I listen, I feel connected with the underground culture and I use this connection to make alternative aesthetics systems. Most of the times I choose to make interpretation basically from the viewpoint of a confused, intellectually imperfect person. One theme that intrigues me is the religious practice in contemporary society. I understand the basic human need to believe and I want to experiment on this urge by confronting people with new idols and shrines. I use this theme in my latest project called: “Cult”, a painting exhibition displayed at Anaid Art Gallery in Bucharest.
“Upgrade” is also a representative project for my artistic activity. I presented it in 2005 at the International Biennale of Contemporary Art at the National Gallery in Prague. The paintings within these series (“Upgrade”, “Eye for an Eye”, “Calcium”, “Hidden”, “Dog and his Dog”, “The Next Dog”) speak about the space from the peripherical zone of the human behavior, the secret experience of the metamorphosis, the upgrade towards animal abilities.