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Adrian Şerbănescu
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Solo exhibition, Curtea Veche, June 2006

The present exhibition represents the road of a trip that begun more then three years ago, in Dobrogea, more precisely in the little place called Basarab, in the neighborhood of Constanţa. Here, in Basarab, I discovered a few little churches carved into a chalk rock, originating in the 9th-11th centuries, the early Christian period.
Therefore, my visual creation’s road begun with the diploma, on “Visual Archeology”. Touched by the image-story of those places, I have intended, at that moment, to make a reading of the symbol-images. Afterwards, the harder I was working, things began to transform, to receive their own identity appeared out of the same painterly layers, already coagulated. In other words, I was already doing an archeology of my own visual past.
(…) If in my graduation works I was shaping up visual signs with traditional materials, on conventional support, now, all my works are under the sign of experimentation and searching. I am trying to forget the principles of my own previous development. I am presenting my works in the same manner now, as those small drawings carved in the chalk walls of the little churches from Basarab were revealing themselves to me at that time. In this exhibition, works disappear, becoming almost some compositional elements participating in the spectacle of space.

Solo exhibition, Atelier 35 (Şelari), December 2005

In order to become trully immortal, a creative act should go beyond any human limit: logic and common sense can only attempt that. But once these barriers broken, it will enter the world of dream and childish vision. The artist should extract profound evidence from the most hidden and darkest little corners of his/her being. What I hear is worthless; only what I see is lively and, when I close my eyes, my vision is even stronger. It is more important that art should get rid of all material content that can be recognized as such and dated; all familiar subjects, all traditional ideas, all popular symbols should be sent away… We should have a tremendous self-confidence; the revelation that unveils itself is the essential… that does not have a meaning in itself, that does not have a subject, that does not mean anything from the logical point of view.