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Roman Tolici
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I do not believe in good or bad contexts to make art. I do not believe in muses. I do not believe in the self–importance of talent. I believe in creation as an act of volition. In my artistic development I explored several areas, such as film, poetry, prose, comics or photography. Even though I have practiced and I sometimes practice them, I consider essential their contribution in my development as a painter and draughtsman. In my creations, mainly in the recent ones, I am using photography as a documentation and starting point, modifying, adding or excluding realities. I disclose this way a universe charged with subtle symbols, that balance between the real and the surreal. The life and the world we inhabit offers me a multitude of subjects, I choose to treat seriously, but not lacking humor, yet the essential, worthwhile to aspire to in art, I consider to be the search and expression of truth.